WeBee Move




WeBee Move has Ocun’s performance technology with EVA padding giving a lightweight, breathable, flexible and durable offering with maximum anatomical comfort for weight. The main feature difference between this harness and the WeBee3 is the moveable padding adding to the snugness of fit, important if in use all day long. Designed for hot and sticky sport environments but equally at home on the climbing wall and sandstone. It’s low weight also makes it suitable for Via Ferrata climbs. The construction allows two fully adjustable sizes using  3 Slide-lock stainless steel buckles to overlap giving a good range of waist and leg loop dimensions.

  • Water repellent padding
  • Waist padding centring
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • Safety joint system
  • 3 Slide-lock stainless steel buckles
  • 4 gear loops
  • Weight 425g

Conforms to latest EN 12277 type ‘c’   and UIAA 1019 standards

Size Waist (cm) Leg Loop (cm)
Extra Small to Medium 60-90 45-65
Medium to Extra Large 75-105 55-72


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