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Sandstone Guidebook



Climbers’ Club Southern Sandstone and the Sea Cliffs of South-East England by Mike Vetterlein and Robin Mazinke (2008)

The Sandstone Bible ! Don’t leave home without it.  This is the definitive guide to Southern Sandstone.

This is a fantastic guide and a massive leap forward in production terms over the previous edition. The guide comprehensively covers all the popular areas including Harrison’s Rocks, High Rocks and Bowles Rocks – all the crags have a superb photodiagram which clearly shows the routes and there are some great action shots both modern and historical. Also included (for those of a slightly perverse disposition) is the somewhat terrifying sea cliff climbing to be found on the chalk cliffs of the south coast – again all these routes have easy to follow topos and there are some truly inspiring / frightening action shots.