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Static Rope 10.5mm


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Rope Static 10.5mm  Quality type ‘A’ kermantel constructed rope from singingrock offering good quality at a great price.

The top roping etiquette of Southern Sandstone and the damage done by dynamic ropes sawing into the rock, means that a low (3.3%) stretch and wide diameter solution is considered kindest to the rock and is recommended and preferred by local climbers. This product is manufactured by Singingrock and is ideal for ‘top rope’ climbing on Southern Sandstone.  Made with a sheath that is tightly woven to prevent the entry of dirt into the core, the durable sheath construction also makes it resistant to abrasion and wear from belay and ascender devices.  You can purchase whatever length you like but a 30 metre length is perfect for all Southen Sandstone Climbs.

Type A rope – low stretch kernmantel rope designed for general use in rope access (including all kinds of work positioning and restraint) in rescue and in caving

Recommended use: Southern sandstone top roping, work positioning, speleo, fixed rope for expeditions, big wall, military and police use

Can be used for hauling, secondary rope in rescue rope system, canyoning.

Please note this is a non-dynamic rope only to be used for climbing in top-rope situations. Static rope should not be used for lead climbing under any circumstance.

Available colours:- red, white/red, black, khaki

Weight: 69 g/m
Strength: 30.6 kN (knot breaking force 19.3 kN)
Diameter: 10.5 mm
Number of falls: 10
Static elongation: 3.3 %

Conforms to type ‘A’ regulations  1019 EN 1891

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