Landoff Rope Protector




Made by Bulgarian caving equipment manufacturer Landoff to protect Speleology rope, this rope protector has been specially chosen by us so you can help protect our precious soft rock from rope wear at a great price.

Landoff pride themselves on functional, durable and reliable products. Using heavy duty PVC material and Velcro supplied by YKK this one is easy to use and here to last.

On Soft southern Sandstone the same item is called a Rock Protector because the use of these gadgets can save ropes from irreparably damaging the surface of the rock in the ‘cheese wire’ motion caused by falls.

A tiny price to pay to protect the rocks for future generations.

We stock the 55cm size in lagoon blue colour .


Dimensions: L55сm х W8,5сm
Weight: 45g

Heavy duty 680g/m2 PVC, 1100 dtex (Mehler Texnologies GmbH).
Velcro – YKK

Sleeve type protector with double Velcro closure.
Opportunity to enlarge the length and width.
Drawstring for fixing to rope.
One protector capacity – 1rope 9 – 12мм, or 2 ropes  8 – 10мм.

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