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DMM Demon Cam


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A lightweight single axle, single stem cam

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  • A lightweight single axle, single stem cam
  • Special thumb grip and trigger bar for easy handling
  • Original 13.75° camming angle
  • Cam stops for 10kN in passive position
  • Fitted with extendable 8mm Dyneema slings
  • Colour coded to help you make a speedy identification


In order to provide more racking options in the active protection range DMM have combined some of their favourite features from their two existing cams: the tried and trusted 13.75°, single axle head unit of the 4CU, with the justifiably popular stem assembly of the Dragon with its patented thumb press and extendable sling design. The result is a lightweight, versatile, and functional device that caters for climbers who prefer single stem ergonomics, for those who are used to DMM’s traditional sizing system, and for those who want to double up their cam racks to offer even more placement options.
Demon Cam   0.5 90g 14kN 10kN 17-24mm Red
Demon Cam 1 97g 14kN 10kN 19-29mm Gold
Demon Cam 1.5 101g 14kN 10kN 23-35mm Silver
Demon Cam 2 113g 14kN 10kN 29-44mm Red
Demon Cam 2.5 127g 14kN 10kN 33-55mm Gold
Demon Cam 3 154g 14kN 10kN 43-66mm Purple

The range covers placements from 13mm to 100mm in nine colour coded sizes. The colours follow the same sequence as the 4CU, but they’ve reversed the cam lobe colouring to the opposite to the Dragon for easily identification.

With the Demon the range, DMM offer the worlds premium range of protection, both passive and active, for all climbers and all climbs.

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