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Belay Set


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This beautifully engineered belay set is ideal for climbing walls and outdoor adventure

The Austrialpin ‘Tube’ friction device manages ropes between 8mm and 11mm particularly well, the classic symmetrical design makes the handling of stubby well-used climbing wall ropes simple.

Experienced climbers who use gear regularly will like the metal braided plastic coated ‘bug loop’ which offers a much more durable solution over cheap to make plastic versions that are prone to failure, while beginners will appreciate the symmetrical “No wrong way round” design

The super-strong hemi-spherical (HMS) ‘Evo’ karabiner has a broad gate opening allowing a wide variety of rope work applications. The gate opening is a catch free design and combines a well textured lock sleeve with a special thread system which sheds grit particles and dirt to give an extremely smooth action. A real bit of vorsprung durch technic.

AustriAlpin manufactures and tests in the Austrian Tyrol to exacting European standards.

AustriAlpin is a marque famed for the scientific approach to metallurgy using high tech state of the art production methods. The manufacturing process claims exacting green credentials with validated low carbon footprint.

Gate Opening : 26mm

Strength Gate Closed : 24kN

Strength Gate Open : 7kN

Strength Gate Closed Minor Axis : 10kN

Weight 90g

CE Certification : EN 12275 Type H

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Conforms to latest  standards.