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Alpine Harness


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Perfect for Sandstone Climbing, lightweight, fully adjustable and easily cleaned non-padded harness.  We recommend this harness because of its ease of use; the leg loops are coloured so that you can’t forget which is your left and your right !

Its adjustability makes it suitable for tiny waists and those with a fuller figure.


  • Tough 44mm webbing
  • Colour coded high tie in point
  • Red colour coded right leg loop for ease of fitting
  • Colour coded thread back buckles
  • Elastic leg retainers
  • Single (removable) sliding gear loop
Variant Size Waist (cm) Waist (in) Leg (cm) Leg (in) Weight Cat No
Alpine R 40-125 16-49 40-70 16-28 405g ALPINE
Alpine XL 60-150 24-59 50-90 20-35 425g ALPINE-XL


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