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Shuttle Belay Device

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Shuttle from Singing Rock is the one belay device to do it all offering maximum versatility. It has a groove, designed and shaped to provide equal friction for both thin and thick (> 10.5mm) ropes.
When you’re belaying from above, the “guide mode” lets you bring up one or two seconding climbers under control. For lowering, it has a small secondary hole that you can hook the Karabiner  or a sling through to gain more leverage to release the device. Shuttle can also be used as an improvised haul system. Not really a Sandstone product, but so neat we thought we’d stock it for you.


• designed for twin, half and single ropes
• lightweight and compact, only 65 g
• V-grooves for high friction when belaying the leader or rappeling
• self locking function when belaying the second
• eye for releasing the weight
• possibility of simultaneous belaying two climbers

Weight: 65 g / 2.29 oz
Rope diameter: 7.8 – 10.5 mm
Material: Light alloy
Colour: bordeaux
Weight: 65 g


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