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Southern Sandstone

Southern Sandstone is the only climbable rock close to London and our outcrops at Harrison’s Rocks provide the closest outdoor climbing experience to the Capital. Just a mile from our Groombridge base, these rocks are extremely popular with climbers of all abilities due to the large number of good climbs available at most grades of difficulty.

It is very important when climbing on sandstone rock to protect it against erosion. Sandstone rock is very fragile and as such we ask that climbers wear soft soled shoes at all times, make every effort to ensure that running ropes are not in contact with the rock and untie their rope at the top of a climb and walk back down to the bottom rather than lowering off. Abseiling is not permitted on Harrison’s Rocks.

Owned and run by the BMC, donations for helping the upkeep of these fantastic rocks will always be welcomed. We love introducing people to outdoor climbing at Harrison’s Rocks and to help future generations enjoy this venue the conservation of the sandstone is very important. Please visit for more information. Other organisations helping with the conservation of the rocks are: The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust and the Sandstone Volunteers Group.

Southern Sandstone Courses:-