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Covid-19 – Harrison’s campsite will remain closed

Harrison’s Campsite to remain closed until further notice… Here is a message from the Forestry Commission regarding the campsite at Harrison’s Rocks / Birchden Wood.
“We have received guidance from our District Recreation lead regarding Covid-19 and the implications for our sites. Currently we have been advised to keep toilet blocks open where we have them. I did seek clarification regarding the campsite at Birchen because it is a slightly niche facility. We had been working on the basis that the campsite would reopen of the 1st April.  In light of recent developments however, and to ensure that we are meeting guidance regarding social distancing, I have been instructed to keep the campsite shut. At this point in time we still intend to have the car park open for the longer summer hours even if the campsite is shut. At this point we are proposing 10pm.”