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El Chorro, Southern Spain

Here’s a glimpse of some of the areas in El Chorro, director at Nuts4Climbing, Sarah Cullen visited in December 2019. The weather was great for climbing at this time of the year, the limestone climbs are simply wonderful and there’s even a very good Via Ferrata for your ‘rest day’.

If you haven’t yet stepped foot on the ‘King’s Walkway’ then put it in on your bucket list. The renovations that took place in 2015 have changed the pre-existing adrenalin rush that climbers enjoyed on the adventure that held the reputation of the ‘most dangerous walkway in the world’, but now anyone can take part in the Caminito del Rey adventure safely – more info here

Stay at the Olive Branch

Climbs we did on this trip were:-Turon:- the classic Julay Lama 5c, High Bolt 1, 5b; Suiza:- Die Schone Unbekannte 5a, Kiwi 5a, Sorbet de limon 4c, La gait 4c, Tir-ma-su 5a, Flan de carmelo 5a; Sergio:- Rockfm 6a, Zeig mir deine Muskeln 6a, and Sergio y Antonia 6a; Cara Oeste sector at Turon:-  Cuatro 5c, top roped Tres 6a, then failed miserably on UNO 6a. And the via ferrata (ideally you need to take a pully with you for the zip-wire section this, but you can hire one from the accommodation below the Olive Branch if you don’t have one).