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Two Day Course

Two Day Introduction Course (2 x 6 hours)

Location: Southern Sandstone (Harrison’s Rocks)
Price: £195


IMG_5297Outdoor rock climbing can be so much fun, sometimes one day just isn’t enough! And like any sport, practice makes perfect. But whilst you certainly can’t perfect the art of climbing in two days you can certainly get a firm grasp of the basics.

Our two day course expands on the one day offering to give you longer to experience the thrill of being on the rocks and how to set up your equipment and ropes so that you can climb without an instructor.

On successful completion of this course you will gain a certificate of proficiency to show you can confidently set your own equipment well enough to climb Southern Sandstone without an instructor.

Perfect For: Anyone looking for a two day introduction to rock climbing to master the basics or those with indoor climbing experience looking to try outdoor climbing.

Aim: To offer an extended introduction to the world of outdoor climbing in a safe and relaxed environment.

Equipment: Provided

Duration: 2 x 6 Hours

Weather: Courses are rarely weather affected, we will notify you in the unlikely event we need to postpone.

Difficulty: These sessions will introduce you to rock climbing and inspire you to continue the sport. We only require that you have a reasonable level of physical fitness.



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