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Taster Course

Taster Session (3 hours)

Location: Southern Sandstone (Harrison’s Rocks)
Price: £55


Have you ever Debbie (2)imagined what it feels like to cling onto the edge of a rock, frantically searching for your next hold as you intensely focus on making it to the top? How about the sense of achievement when you conquer your first route? If the thought of that excites you, or you’ve tried indoor climbing before and would like to find out what it feels like to climb in the open air, then this 3-hour taster session is perfect for you.

You will warm up with some scrambling over Harrison’s Rocks (near Tunbridge Wells) before advancing to some roped rock climbs. Don’t worry about equipment, tying knots and picking routes, your experienced instructor will do most of the hard work for you so that you can relax and enjoy your experience.

The thrill of the first time will no doubt leave you wanting to come back for more. If you wish to continue your rock climbing adventure, why not come back for one of our introductory sessions where you will learn more about technique, equipment and rope work.

Perfect For: Anyone looking to try climbing for the first time or those with indoor climbing experience looking to try outdoor climbing.

Aim: To offer an introduction to the world of outdoor climbing in a safe and relaxed environment.

Equipment: Provided

Duration: 3 Hours

Weather: Courses are rarely weather affected, we will notify you in the unlikely event we need to postpone.

Difficulty: This session is all about getting you familiarised with outdoor climbing, we will take it as slowly as you need. We only require that you have a reasonable level of physical fitness.

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