One Day Course

One Day Introduction Course (6 hours)

Location: Southern Sandstone (Harrison’s Rocks)
Price: £115


Want to discover how it feels to be clinging onto the edge of a rock desperately looking for your next hold? How about the exhilaration when you make it to the top of some of the finest Southern Sandstone rocks in the UK and realise you’ve just picked up a new hobby that you love? If you’ve ever wanted to try climbing and would like a full day introduction to this exciting sport, our one day introduction course is an ideal place to start.

Your day will start with a warm up with your instructor where you will be briefed on the basics of climbing. But don’t worry, it won’t be too intensive, your instructor will do most of the thinking for you. Your action packed day will introduce you to rock climbing techniques and rope work with a focus on keeping things relaxed, fun and safe.

If one day isn’t enough, you can add-on a second day to form a Two Day Introductory course that will further your climbing skills and move you towards independent climbing.

Perfect For: Anyone looking for a full day introduction to rock climbing or those with indoor climbing experience looking to try outdoor climbing.

Aim: To offer a day introduction to the world of outdoor climbing in a safe and relaxed environment.

Equipment: Provided

Duration: 6 Hours

Weather: Courses are rarely weather affected, we will notify you in the unlikely event we need to postpone.

Difficulty: This session will introduce you to rock climbing and inspire you to continue the sport. We only require that you have a reasonable level of physical fitness.
or if you require further information please contact us:- info@nuts4climbing.combook-here