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About Us

Company Overview

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Nuts4Climbing was set up in 2006, initially introducing adults to the world of climbing. Since the success of these courses Nuts4Climbing has grown into the South East’s leading outdoor climbing provider and runs courses for all ages. With numerous introductory courses running throughout the spring, summer and autumn you can come and learn the ‘ropes’ and the climbs with an experienced and qualified instructor.  We pride ourselves in offering high quality courses and inspirational experiences for adults and children alike. Nuts4Climbing are pleased to also bring you an equipment shop with that personal touch and professional service; we have chosen products on the basis of how well we think they work and what they will bring to your experience.  You can buy online (we’ll send your purchases quick as a wink with TLC), drop us a line if you want to visit; feel free to pop in to try on some rock shoes or touch and feel before you buy, or meet us Harrison’s Rocks where we run most of the courses and are contracted by the BMC to look after the car park, campsite and toilet block. Online orders for goods over £100 are free of post and packing charges. We’ve developed an excellent customer following from past clients, club climbers and individuals who recognise the brand and support loyally. We carry only quality brands and stock everything you see online for a fast delivery. You won’t find us on the high street because we live and work on the other side of the hill from Harrison’s Rocks. It’s a lifestyle thing.  If you climb on the crags around here you’ll know us and the work we do helping on the Harrison’s Rocks Management Group, The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust and the Sandstone Volunteers Group. We want you to share our passion for our growing sport.

Our main instructors are as follows:-

Sarah Cullen

Sarah Cullen is passionate about rock climbing and first started at Harrison’s Rocks in 1988.  She set up Nuts4Climbing in 2006. Sarah is Chair of the Harrison’s Rocks Management group who work as volunteers on behalf of the Briritish Mountaineering Council.  She is also a trustee of the Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust as well as an active member of the Sandstone Volunteers Group. Nuts4Climbing also look after the Car Park facilities at Harrison’s Rocks.

Mick Canning

Professional at all times, Mick is a highly respected asset to Nuts4Climbing. He has a wealth of experience instructing all kinds of people and especially children and adults with special needs. Not only is he competent and excellent in his approach but he is our most patient ‘dude’. Mick also carries out repair work on the rocks. In his spare time Mick travels all over the world and creates Indian paintings as well as other artwork

Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson is our ‘technique man’.  His climbing career started in the south west in the 1970’s. He has conquered some hard grades, put up numerous ‘new routes’ on Southern Sandstone as well as in Devon, and is an accomplished mountaineer (he as climbed difficult faces of the Matterhorn and Eiger and other hard routes in the Alps). Chris is full of energy and a great teacher.

Chris Tullis

Chris Tullis was climbing before he left the womb; there’s not a lot he doesn’t know about teaching climbing and he moves on rock like no other ! Chris links up with Nuts4Climbing for our away trips to the Peak District, Dartmoor, Portland, North Wales and Fontainebleau, and runs Evolution Indoor Climbing back home.

Ed Neil

Part of the South East Cave Rescue team, Ed enjoys climbing to a high standard.  He’s climbed (and ‘caved’) all over the country, since the age of 15 and has been teaching both sports for more than four years.  Ed particularly enjoys climbing on sandstone rock and is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge with others.

Bob Johnston


Bob is your typical Irish Man, quirky, full of great craic and easy going all of which are essential in a great climbing instructor!

Bob brings a mountain of enthusiasm and passion for his lifestyle to all climbing sessions, whether it be actively encouraging young people to get the most from their adventure, or when sharing his knowledge, technique, ascents and epics with more practised climbers!

Whatever it is you are wanting to gain from your climbing session Bob is sure to give you a personal experience you will never forget!