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Only Use Bolts For Top Roping

Putting up a zip-wire from the bolt on Foresters wall ???!!! It might seem ridiculous but this actually happened last weekend.  The bolts are in place for top roping only and are not to be used for anything other than climbing. If you see bad practice at Harrison’s Rocks (or any sandstone crag) please be sure to hand them a copy of the Sandstone Code or direct them to it in the Climbers’ Club Guidebook.  We don’t have a warden at Harrison’s anymore so it is imperative for the future of sandstone climbing that caring climbers take on the role between them. Although the bolts are checked regularly by the BMC it is also important that you check bolts before you use them, just in case there is a hair-line crack which once water seeps in can cause the rock around the bolt to ‘pop’ under pressure.  Here’s one that recently went on the top of Grants Crack. As you can see from the photograph, the wire and the back bolt held in place nicely.  This is the second bolt to come out at Harrison’s – the first was the bolt on the top of West Wall being used under tension to set up a slack line (equally ridiculous!).

Grants Crack Bolt